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Deploy in Minutes. Sync Anywhere. Gain Visibility and Insights Across Systems.

Accurately synchronized clocks are foundational for any real-time distributed system, from electronic trading and distributed ledgers to logging/tracing and distributed databases.

Tick Tock is inspired by the Huygens system devised at Stanford University, and has been further designed and developed as an enterprise solution for ultra-accurate time sync and infrastructure performance monitoring. It’s tested and deployed in many environments. The sync accuracy can be as low as 5 - 10 ns when using hardware timestamps, and 100s of ns - 5 μs when using software timestamps. This is typically one or more orders of magnitude higher than PTP/NTP solutions.

Our solution is built to run anywhere, from on-prem data centers to public clouds. We support single-site and multi-site deployments. Download our product data sheet here. We're a Google Cloud Technology Partner. Check out our managed service on Google Cloud and deploy in minutes.

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